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Download “Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist” anime from for free of costs. All episodes are available in multiple qualities. So if you are suffering from limited internet. You can download Drugstore in Another World in your preferred quality. All episode are available in 360P, 480P, 720P & 1080P.

This anime is also known as other names. “Cheat Kusushi No Slow Life: Isekai Ni Tsukurou Drugstore” is the japanese name and “Cheat Pharmacist’s Slow Life: Making a Drugstore in Another World” is another name in overseas. Nonetheless the original english title is “Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist”.

Drugstore in Another World

Drugstore in Another World Plot

One day, a corporate slave Reiji, suddenly got transported to another world. He made the best of his skills to make better potions, which earned him lots of money, and with that money, made a drugstore! An Elf who has trouble aiming with his bow? Give him some eye-drops! A Dragon who always let breathes out fire unintentionally? Don’t worry, we have cough medicine for you! Reiji’s new, fun, slow life as a pharmacist in a village drugstore starts now.

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Drugstore in Another World English Sub Downloading Links

episode 1 episode 2 episode 3 episode 4
episode 5 episode 6 episode 7 episode 8
episode 9 episode 10 episode 11 episode 12

After downloading the anime, you can watch it anytime anywhere without any ads or time limit. So downloading the anime is the best choice.

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