High School DxD Born (uncensored) in English dub

High School DxD Born is the third season of main series ‘High School DxD’. The story takes place right after the second season incidents. Like other seasons TNK produced the anime.The first ten episodes adapts the story between 5th to 7th volumes of the novel. while the last two episodes form an original self-contained story arc. The season originally ran from April 4, to June 20, 2015 on AT-X in Japan. Funimation licensed this anime to release it in english dub and North America and other English language based countries.

Funimation released the dub version after almost a year. They released the first dubbed episode on September 6, 2016.

This anime has total 12 episodes. All episodes are available in sub and dub version. Although the last episode has it’s own story which isn’t available in novel. Not all episodes are directed by the same director. Nevertheless the writer remained unchanged through 12 episodes.

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How to download or watch High school dxd born

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High School DxD Born/season3 has two versions censored and uncensored. Here we provide an uncensored version. So if you’re under 18 don’t watch them. You can download or watch the episodes from here in English dub.

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