How To Play Anime Video Games On Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Anime video games are generally developed for consoles and Nintendo switch. Nowadays at least 70% of people use android powered on which we can play games ranging from Low graphics games like Ludo to Ultra Graphic Battle Royale like PUBG, Call Of Duty, and many other games.

How To Play Anime Video Games On Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Now same goes for Windows, Mac, and Linux. As I have told anime games are generally made for consoles so we can not play them on our pc or android mobile as we play games like GTA, PUBG, and many more, and buying a new console or Nintendo switch is useless if you are only playing the game for fun or you are not a hardcore gamer.

In this article I am gonna tell you :

1.How play anime video games in the device which you already have.

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2.Pros and Cons of Playing the anime video games on Nintendo switch or console.

#1.How to Play Anime Video Games In PC(Windows,Mac and Linux)

As I have told you can’t run the game directly on your pc because they are basically developed for consoles. To run the games we need to use a third-party software known as an emulator.

Now you might be wondering. What is Emulator? In simple language, we can say emulator is that software which is used to run application of another platform to other. This means by using an emulator we can run Windows software on Linux and Mac or vice versa.

There are penalties of emulators are available to play anime games on pc but I gonna suggest you which are easy to use and have the lowest hardware requirement.

Download any emulator from these two : Citra Emulator or Dolphin Emulator.

In this tutorial, I am gonna use Dolphin Emulator to show you how to play anime video games on pc.In this tutorial, I am using Windows 10 but it is going to work on all OS.

Install Dolphin Emulator on Your PC

For this tutorial we will be using the latest version of Dolphin.

1.Download the stable version from here:

Stable versions might be a bit old they do not have any bugs and run swiftly on your computer. Choose the one you want to and download it, and extract the downloaded file using Winrar to a folder.

Dolphin doesn’t come with an installer, and the folder you extracted is the actual program’s location. If you keep everything gaming-related on a specific folder or a dedicated partition or hard disk drive, you may want to move it there.

To run Dolphin Emulator, double-click on the “Dolphin.exe” file in its folder.

2.Let’s Run Dolphin :

In case if your game in your DVD, you can boot them directly from “File -> Boot from DVD Backup” and then select the drive where your game disc is available.

How To Play Anime Video Games On Windows, Mac, Linux

Another way around Dolphin is compatible with GameCube and Wii backups in the following formats: elf, dol, gcr, iso, tgc, wbfs, ciso, gcz, wia, rvz, wad, dff, and m3u.

You can open games in any of formats i mentioned above.


1.“File -> Open”

2.Select the file.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop them on Dolphin’s window.


It is not obvious to everyone that they have pc with great graphics so if your pc is very old you might found the game is glitching or the sound quality is not better. In that scenario, you can try changing the graphic and it might work for you.

Here is how you can do that:

How To Play Anime Video Games On Windows, Mac, Linux

Navigate to graphics tabs in the main window and then click on graphics. After that this window will open and you need to hit and try one configuration one by one.

So this all for pc. Here I have explained everything in simple steps in case you find any problem while installing or the game is not working check this video out.

#2.How to Play Anime Video Games In Android Devices

1.Installing Dolphin Emulator Android App

Open Play Store and Search “Dolphin Emulator” and Install it.

How To Play Anime Video Games On android

2.After Installing when you gonna open it this window is gonna open. Dolphin EMulator is asking you to “Enable usage statistics reporting agreement”.It is not compulsory to enable this so it depends upon you to tick or untick.

How To Play Anime Video Games On android

Step 3 – Now you will find an empty window with the “+” button on the down right side. You need to add games from Wii and GameCube or ROMs.Which you need to download from by simply searching on google. Search the name of game on google and you will find it first 2 to 3 results.

So this how you can install the Dolphin Emulator on Android. To play the game you only need to tap on the “+” button and then select the location of your anime video game rom and the game will begin automatically.

So thankyou guys reading for this article.So this is the best way to play anime video games in your pc or android device.

FAQ Releated To Dolphin Emulator

Can Dolphin emulator run Damon ps2 game file in android or not?

Yes it can run.Damon ps2 game file in android.You only need to follow the steps.I have mentioned in the above article.

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